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 FPC Board of Directors - Document Vault

AGM & Club Minutes / Current Draft Docs / Approved Policies
Fundraising / Kayaking / Canoeing / Miscellaneous
This is a password protected area for Board documents. It is hidden from public viewing.

For example:


1) Approved BOD minutes (from Alison) — these legally are accessible only to the BOD

2) draft and approved AGM and Club member meeting minutes

3) Working draft —  Policy Documents

4) other things suggested by the BOD members…


Note:  Only Board members and myself will have access to this hidden, password protected area

Approved Minutes
Approved  AGM & Club Member Minutes:



















  • FPC Risk Management Policy:










  • Trip Leaders Checklist:






  • Intro to FPC (For New Members & BOD):






  • Float Plan FPC:






  • FPC Canoeing Accepted Practices:






  • Kayaking Accepted Practices:






  • FPC PC1:






  • FPC PC2:






  • FPC PC3:






  • FPC Pre-Paddle Briefing:






  • FPC IRF:












  • FPC Planning Process:






  • Mission Statement & Strategic Planning:






  • Draft Reference Guide:






  • Bylaws 11-04-2014:






  • Member & Member Club Insurance Guidelines & Info









































Current "Working Draft" Documents:


Safe Boating Council Grant Program;

CSBC Grass Roots Application Dec 15, 2014














  • Canoe / Kayaking Tripping - Technical Information:





Approved Policies:
Fundraising / Grant Applications:


Approved Policies












CAP 01— Canoeing Accepted Practices:






FPC-IR-01— Information Report: Canoe Camping Technical Information:







Checklist of Responsibilities and data for the Trip Leaders:







FPC-IR -02 — Checklist of Responsibilities and Data for the Canoe Tripping Program Coordinator:
















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