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The Canoeing program that has evolved since 2007 is diverse. The root component  was ‘day tripping’, aimed at  exploring  the forty to fifty odd unique sections of rivers and creeks of the  Fundy Region.


But the program now includes other elements, and a supporting Training Initiative (see Training Program) meant to help members formally enhance canoeing skills, or even become certified instructors or tripping leaders. Here are several canoeing disciplines occasionally very active in FPC:

1.  Canoe Tripping with three different components:


a.  Day-tripping in the Fundy Region


b.  Canoe camping/ wilderness canoeing – further afield


c.  Canoe practices – technique or fitness - any evening




2.  Precision Paddling
– either Freestyle or Canadian “Style” 


Includes both ‘creek paddling’ at its best, and synchronized ‘ canoe dance’. The canoes are usually  solo canoes; the goal is fun and finesse. We have certified Intro level  Instructors.

3.  Big Canoeing:


Alternatively called “Voyageur” canoeing or “war canoeing” depending on your background and interests. These are canoes over 22 feet long and carrying six to ten paddlers typically. Options range from ‘tripping’ to team competitions, to precision paddling.

The above three programs have been active at different times, and may be again any time that interest warrants – that is , whenever a program can be  ‘sanctioned’ (for insurance purposes), and there is a program coordinator to make it work. Contact the

VP-Canoeing to volunteer for any of these committees .








Future Developments:  Some programs await local interest and skills before being developed as FPC programs: White water play-boating; coastal canoe tripping, recreational canoe racing in, well, anything. Calling all volunteers!

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