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About Fundy Paddlers Club...


The Fundy Paddlers Club, founded in 2008, is based in Saint John, NB. Members are of all ages & abilities that share an interest in canoeing and/or kayaking. The club provides opportunities for socializing, training, fitness, safe tripping, & exploring the province’s waterways.

The purposes for which this Club exists are:

1. To promote and to offer opportunities for safe paddling for people of all ages as an individual and family activity.

2. To promote paddling as an environmentally friendly activity and further the respect of nature in order to preserve our natural and historic heritage for our children

3. To work in the restoration of waterways which have been littered and polluted.

4. By itself and with the participation of other like-minded groups, to teach children, youth and adults the art of paddling considering the goals and objectives of the organization.

5. To help others and promote the formation of other paddle clubs with similar goals and objectives.




Our Beginnings...


The idea of creating a paddlers club to serve Saint John and its surrounding areas started in a vivid conversation while hiking at Irving Nature Park with a couple of friends. I remember one friend’s words that it could not happen here in SJ because; there would not be enough support. In spite of those words, I pushed the idea forward and contacted Canoe Kayak NB. At the time, Evan Young, was the president of CKNB, with his help, two members of the River Runners Club from Moncton were invited to introduce the benefits of having canoe-kayak clubs around NB, particularly in SJ. As a result many meetings were organized here and elsewhere.


At a meeting in SJ on February 10, 2008 there was a room full of interested people, 25 actually, at Centre-Scolaire-Communautaire-Samuel-de-Champlain. Noël Cormier and Éric Leblanc members of the RRC delivered their presentation on how to start a canoe club, Evan Young explained the goal and objectives and the reason to create a paddlers club here in SJ. I acted as the greeter and temporary secretary. At that meeting, it was thought that the four of us should wait till later to hold an election, I disagreed. Through

the meeting, I wrote on a piece of paper to Noël that “It was time to beat the iron while it was hot” and to have the elections right then.


An Election with votes took place at this meeting, the results were; President Maurice Pigeon, Vice-president Stephen Jarvis, Secretary Deb Brando, Treasurer Doug Forbes, Communications Officer Nancy Clifford, Equipment Officer Eric McCumber and Training Officer Laura Mazerolle. The club’s incorporation was done through the hard work of Nancy Clifford in 2009. And on March 16th, 2008 the Tumblehomes paddling club was also created in Fredericton and another one in Nackawic through the effort of the same four dedicated persons mentioned above; Evan, Eric, Noël and Laura.


Written by

B Laura Mazerolle


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